Eight Stories for Eight Semesters

Hi there,

I hope you’re doing well. Beginning today, I will be releasing a story for eight days sharing my journey at the Fashion Institute of Technology and how I came up with my thesis collection, IATBW.

Starting today (later in the afternoon), each story will be accompanied with a spiritual lesson I learned that semester or a miracle, which helped me grow closer to my Creator. As I embark on this chapter with you, I want you to know that each lesson I learned is personal and I’m sharing because I hope someone will be able to resonate with it. If you want, you can follow my story using the hashtag #EightStories and #IAMTHEBLACKWOMAN.

All stories will be posted on my other blog ‘The Black Lemon’. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as well. Feel free to share each story on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. You can also reblog if you like.

Recent Graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology